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Traction Therapy

A.K.A "The Roller Table"

  • What is Traction Therapy? Traction Therapy is a form of decompression that helps in softly re-establishing the common ranges of the spine, soothing muscles, and eliminating muscle spasms.
  • How does Traction Therapy work? The roller table has many adjustments which can be done depending on the patients comfort. It gradually lengthens the postural muscles of the spine and reestablishes joint movement, mobility, and circulation.
  • What does Traction Therapy feel like? Many patients find this therapy to be extremely relaxing and beneficial. They report that traction therapy helps them relax before their adjustment, enabling them to obtain obtain better results.
  • Why is Traction Therapy used? Research shows that by puttings your spine through this type of motion, you increase the range of motion of your spine and pump the dics between your vertebrae. This is helpful in preventing disc degeneration.